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  • In our Remember meditation your child will be reminded about who they are, where they come from, remember the voice of Yahweh and hear the song of the scroll within them, all while drifting off into a peaceful sleep.
  • Holy Spirit lives within our bodies, empowering us to become mature sons of Yahweh. Our heart for you in this meditation is to dive deeper in relationship with Holy Spirit.
  • Yeshua, the New and Living Way, the gate through which we enter the Kingdom Realms. What a joy it is to encounter Him face to face. May this meditation bring you face to face with Yeshua and fill you with the glory of His countenance.
  • Yahweh, the great I Am, the One Whom we have access to because of Yeshua. Join us as we engage with Yahweh and worship Him with all of Heaven in this meditation.

What you get in this package

  • Holy Spirit Meditation
  • Remember Meditation
  • Yahweh Meditation featuring Jenna Gouws
  • Yeshua Meditation featuring Jenna Gouws


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